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Lauren is the greatest real estate agent we have ever worked with.

She is extremely knowledgeable, hard working, resourceful, honest, patient and responsive. She worked very hard to find us the right house, always providing information we needed to help guide us in the right direction to account for our lack of knowledge of the neighborhoods, as we were moving from another state, always accommodating short notices to ensure we were one of the first visitors in every new listing she has shown us and always reminding us that no matter how long it takes she will find us a perfect house, which was exactly what she did! She did everything she could to make sure our offer got excepted when we knew we found the house of our dreams, took care and arranged our inspections, recommend all the services we needed during process and helped with everything we needed along the way. With Lauren we found our dream house and we could not be more grateful to her for that! She is also an amazing person, who was such a pleasure to work with and who has now become a family friend! We miss our Saturdays with her and still call and text her for recommendations!

Yana K. - 170 Deer Run - Watchung

Lauren did an excellent job finding us our new home.

She is very responsive and always available to her clients. She is very knowledgable about the local market and was able to refer us to great professionals for our inspection and other services. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.

Timothy & Robin S. - 2 Yorkshire Ct. - Basking Ridge

After going on our own to many open houses and meeting different realtors we decided to work with Lauren Roth.

After leaving the open house she was showing, we knew she was the realtor for us. She is easy to get along with, personable, knowledgeable, and experienced. We worked with Lauren for many months looking for a house in the Watchung/Warren area of NJ. We didn't have to move from our home in Westfield, we wanted to move. She was very helpful and took the time to show us every house on the market in our price range until we found the perfect house. Which we did! It is the most beautiful magical place. The purchase went very smoothly. She worked with the listing agent and homeowner to create a seamless transaction. She is a pleasure to deal with and was always available when needed. I would highly recommend Lauren to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.

Melissa K. - 120 Scott Drive - Watchung

Let me tell you about Lauren Roth.

My wife and I hired her to sell our home in Warren, NJ recently, purely based on reputation but no prior experience of having had her representation. She met with us to learn about us and our needs and to view the property and then told us she’d sell the house within 30 days, even in a down market; she’d sell it at full asking price, even in a market with a lot of competitive inventory; and that everything would go smoothly, even though I was a nervous wreck all along. I doubted everything she said to us about the likelihood of a fast sale andI thought “no way” when she said she’d get full asking price. I was a difficult client throughout, often telling her I didn’t believe her when she made these claims. Well, we are 30 days in and she sold our home to a lovely buyer at full asking price with all steps of the way going smoothly as promised. Clearly and without a doubt she’s made a believer out of me. Lauren is the best real estate agent I’ve worked with over the course of 20+ years and 3 prior home sales. I’m gladly eating my words and my disbelief, and will say I’m unequivocally thrilled. I’d recommend Lauren to even my closest friends. She’s absolutely a professional and excellent at her job.

Marc & Lisa - 18 Quill Pen Way - Warren

There’s a rare breed of salespeople that function in the same fashion as Lauren Roth.

To say she is more in tune with her customers would be a gross understatement. Lauren is as passionate about the real estate market as she is about each individual client. Her follow up extends way beyond point of purchase as she genuinely checks in post sale to ensure client/family satisfaction. I would personally buy or sell with Lauren Roth today and in all the days to follow.

Drew M. - 9 Kensington Ct. - Warren

Lauren is a phenomenal realtor, extremely professional and very dedicated to her work and looking out for the best interest of her clients.

the time she spent with us guiding us through the process and making sound recommendations was invaluable. we would ABSOLUTELY recommend her to family and friends. By far one of the most professional realtors I have worked with and I have bought and sold many properties over the last 30 years.

Louis F. - 1 Hilltop Ct. - Warren

Lauren was a pleasure to work with throughout the process of selling our home.

She provided tremendous insight and expertise with respect to all aspects of the sale— from getting the house ready for market to negotiations with potential buyers to getting us through inspections and closing. She knows the area and market better than anyone and she makes herself available at all times no matter how trivial the question.

Amy R. - 12 Hill Hollow Rd. - Warren

Lauren was our agent for the sale of our home in Warren, NJ.

From start to finish, Lauren was a wealth of knowledge, insight, and service as she led us from our initial decision to sell, all the way through closing. She provided expert guidance on how we should prepare our home for sale and her advice paid huge dividends based on feedback from prospective buyers. Lauren had a keen understanding of what was driving the current market environment and was extremely professional yet personable in her approach. She was able to keep us calm and informed through what could have been a very stressful sale of our home of 26 years. In a nutshell, Lauren was a perfect fit for us and we strongly recommend her to anyone in search of a great real estate agent!

Sandy & Zena S. - 6 Sugarwood Way - Warren

I would strongly recommend Lauren Roth as a realtor.

Lauren worked with us to sell our home in a very difficult real estate market. She worked extremely hard and put forth extra effort to get our house sold. She marketed the house using open houses and direct marketing. She worked with us setting the price and provided comparables to guide us. Lauren assisted in putting the deal together and kept the deal together despite many problems. Lauren worked closely with the other realtors and the attorneys. She was very helpful in providing resources to deal with inspection issues and went out of her way to help us through the trying issues. Many issues arose in our buy and sell, and Lauren persevered to get the deals done. Lauren is hard working, dedicated and very familiar with the market. She would be an asset to you in your efforts to sell your home.

Sellers of 46 Sycamore Way - Warren

Working with Lauren was a fantastic experience.

We had an unusual situation in which Lauren represented both sides of the sale which she handled extremely well. She has tremendous people skills and knowledge of the transaction process. Lauren was a great help in pushing all parties to close including lawyers, banks and buyers/sellers. We would highly recommend Lauren to anyone interested in buying or selling their home.

Nathan & Brie K. - 52 Saw Mill Rd. - Warren

Who could have ever thought that selling a home would be a fun, stress-free experience and at the same time get full value with the current market conditions.

You get this and more with Lauren. From the moment I engaged her, she became the "project manager" for the house sale. She guided me on cosmetic improvements, even bringing in professional staggers, that increased the value and marketability of my house. She checked in constantly on my progress and arranged for painters and other contractors for repairs. As I had neglected to have some home improvements inspected as required at the time, I was very nervous that it would be difficult and costly. Lauren's knowledge of the town's requirements and personnel was extremely beneficial in getting me through this process. When I was ready to put the house on the market, Lauren took charge of the timing and the pricing, and I feel that her knowledge and recommendations got me the best value for my home, which was on the market for only a few days.

Bennett G. - 14 Winding Ridge Way - Warren

My husband and I recently purchased our first home with the professional guidance of Lauren Roth as our realtor.

We began our search without the help of anyone. We called listing agents to show us homes. However, we quickly came to realize that there are varying degrees of professional experience and industry knowledge when it comes to realtors and obtaining good advice can be exceptionally helpful to purchasers and sellers. We had became frustrated with the lack of knowledge, experience and ethics of several individuals. We aspired to have someone advise us who possessed an abundance of these important personal and professional traits. These are the key reasons why we came to greatly appreciate Lauren Roth and her skills. She stands out in our minds among her peers. For us, she proactively identified in advance of us touring homes the pros and cons of the properties under consideration. Throughout the home identification and selection process, Lauren addressed our concerns promptly and concisely, helped to create solutions when problems arose, and provided us with the names of experienced service providers who were skilled and reasonably-priced for our consideration. If a property was not the right fit for our family, Lauren had the good judgment and integrity to tell us so, even if it meant potentially losing a sales opportunity. Lauren has continued to follow up with us after our recent purchase to ensure a smooth transition into our new home. Lauren is an outstanding real estate professional and person. We highly recommend her services if you are considering buying or selling a residential home within her geographic area of expertise. We consider Lauren to be the best realtor we encountered during the course of our search and are proud to have gained her friendship via the process.

Kevin & Mary Ann - 17 Colts Glen Lane - Basking Ridge

We had evaluated several other agents, and after a thorough evaluation, we decided to list with Lauren, which in hindsight was a great decision.

My family was taking an overseas relocation for my work, so it was important that we effect a quick sale of our home. To complicate matters, we had some ‘permit issues’ that Lauren advised us on, and due to her up-front and pro-active involvement, we mitigated what could have been significant closing issues. She not only advised us with the permits, but also helped find contractors, and recommended some simple yet value-adding improvements. She was even the person we called one evening when we had locked ourselves out of the house, and she was there in a couple of minutes. At almost the same time we listed our home, four other nearly-identical houses in our neighborhood listed on the market, and sensing the market beginning to soften, Lauren advised us on a revised pricing strategy and then she relentlessly followed-up with buyers that had previously visited the home. This hard work quickly paid off with an Agreement, and she referred the buyers to another agent in your office for their representation. Lauren helped us work through what was a potentially messy closing, but made it happen through some creative deal-making. It is with the passage of time and perspective of the current market conditions that we now have even greater appreciation for Lauren’s hard work, sound advice, and ultimately the results that she delivered. I would highly recommend her to other sellers, and we expect to retain her to help us find a home when we are looking to buy.

Tom & Jenn P. - 18 Quill Pen Way - Warren

Lauren and her team were awesome with both the sale and purchase of our home.

She walked us step by step throughout the whole process and was always available with suggestions on how to market our home and answer any questions we had. She is very knowledgeable about the Warren market and we would highly recommend her to others.

Jon & Rita R. - 17 Springdale Lane - Warren

Lauren has been an absolute pleasure to work with.

My husband and I are first time home buyers, and we met Lauren at our first open house. She was very friendly and knowledgable about the housing market, which was especially competitive due to the pandemic. She showed us exclusive listings that met our list of needs and notified us when new homes were coming on the market. Ultimately, Lauren helped find the perfect home for us. She helped guide us through the negotiations and was most helpful through the closing process. When we met barriers from the title company/lawyer that threatened to push back our closing date, Lauren made phone calls to help push along the process. She has continued to act as an advocate for us even after we signed the closing documents. Lauren continues to help guide us, now being new home owners, giving us contacts of local businesses she trusts. Lauren has truly gone above and beyond my husband and my expectations, and we highly recommend her as a realtor to any future home buyers.

Lauren & Bill F. - 11 Loren Way - Warren

I think I win the award for “most difficult home sale”!

I had various extenuating circumstances that severely impacted my ability to sell my house in Warren. Despite numerous attempts to market and sell my home, I kept hitting brick walls that were beyond my control and which continuously derailed the process. Thank goodness for Lauren – she walked this difficult journey with me, step by step, and guided me through until I was finally able to close on my home for close to my asking price. Lauren knows the market and conducts herself with knowledge and professionalism while simultaneously keeping even complicated situations effectively under control. She’s a winner.

Dawn S. - 8 Helen St. - Warren

I can honestly say that Lauren Roth is a top professional in her field.

Her professionalism, dedication, and hard work led us through an extremely long and challenging closing which ended successfully. There was absolutely nothing that Lauren would not do to ensure this closing from happening, including recommendations and help with staging our home, meeting contractors and inspectors on property, and taking care of every little detail to ensure success. Her efforts were tireless and she gave up much of her own time whenever it was needed. She is extremely responsive and a wealth of knowledge. I’ve never met anyone with so many contacts in so many different arenas of real estate. She is truly an incredible “find” and I urge you not to waste your time with any other realtor. This woman KNOWS what she’s doing and does it so well!

Lisa S. - 11 Conifer Dr. - Warren

We met Lauren several years ago at an open house in Warren.

She was so professional, friendly and knowledgeable that I knew she would be the one to sell my home. My experience with her from the start until the closing was phenomenal! Thanks Lauren so much for all your help and you are highly recommended by us!

Pam & Ed - 54 Saw Mill Rd. - Warren

Lauren is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced agent.

She takes her time to understand your family’s needs and then doesn’t stop until she delivers the house of your dreams. Thank you, Lauren for shooting for the stars for us and hitting the sun. We couldn’t be happier. You’re a rockstar.

James K. - 170 Deer Run - Watchung

Selling a home often brings with it many questions and occasionally, anxieties.

When listing our home for sale, we wanted someone who could guide us through the process, keeping us up to date and well informed. As our realtor, her honesty, expert knowledge and dedication to our interests reinforced our conviction that we selected the right agent for us. Through open houses, caravans, social media and other marketing efforts, she made us feel like we were always on her radar. Lauren is the consummate real estate professional. She redefines the definition of real estate agent. We would strongly recommend her when buying or selling a home.

Ivan & Robin B. - 15 Trinity Place - Warren

In January 2017, my husband and I were interested in seeing a house that was listed for sale in Warren.

(We also owned a house in Warren that we'd been planning to sell if only we could find just the right new house.) Lauren Roth happened to be the listing broker of the house we wanted to see, so we called her. She offered to show us the house that very evening, just as a snowstorm was taking hold of the region. Although we didn't fall in love with the house, we knew that Lauren would be "the one" to find us our new house and serve as the listing broker for the house we owned at the time. Both efforts came to swift and satisfying conclusions. By the end of January, Lauren found the perfect new house for us. She listed our Warren house at the same time, and served as the selling broker as well--the deal was closed in early May 2017. Lauren's efficiency, integrity, and industriousness are matched by her warmth, kindness, and sense of humor. ROTH = "Realtor Of The Hour" (and day and month and year).

D. Greene - 21 Downington Ct. - Warren

Thank you for helping us purchase our perfect home after nearly two years of patiently searching.

You always went the extra step to make sure we would find a home, not just a house. Your understanding of what we wanted in a home coupled with your insight into the neighborhoods and housing inventory helped us focus our search. We will definitely recommend you to anyone who is looking for a Realtor. We appreciate all your hard work!

Bryan & Jen - 40 Casale Dr. South - Warren

I am writing not only to thank you for the wonderful and easy experience in getting my house sold but to also let you know that the entire experience from when you took on the listing was just perfect.

You were accessible to me at all times of the day and this was key to us being able to work quickly and efficiently together. You also have a wealth of terrific resources which helped me get my house ready (staging, handyman, painters, electricians, etc...) and I can't thank you enough for making what seems like a never-ending list of "things to do" become simple, organized and easy to complete. We have known each other for many years as friends, but to see you in action gave me a new found respect and appreciation for your professional manner, your attention to detail, your sense of fairness and honesty and your positive attitude throughout our start to finish process. You took great care to make sure I was always OK and that I was always happy. You also listened to me with an attentive and caring ear but never compromised your opinions and always maintained the goal- "Let's sell this house. Let's get this done right." Lauren, my girls and I can't thank you enough for everything you did for us. We truly value our friendship with you and your business savvy and we are so happy to call you our Sales Agent/Friend and will be delighted to recommend you or be a reference for you should you ever need us.

Stacie, Allie, & Stef B. - 32 Briarwood Dr. East - Warren

Lauren was a pleasure to work with before, during, and after the listing and sale of our home.

Her market knowledge, professionalism, and overall personality made our sale process easy and manageable. Our home sold in one week in a very competitive market .

Sandy & Michael - 44 Sneider Rd. - Warren

Working with Lauren Roth was such a wonderful experience.

Selling and buying a new home can be extremely stressful. With Lauren, we were relaxed the whole time. I knew we were in great hands. Lauren was patient, understood what we were looking for, and took the time to show us all the right homes. She never tried to stretch our budget and gave us all the pros and cons of each listing. Through the negotiation process, Lauren advised us every step of the way toward making a good, solid decision. I would highly recommend Lauren to anyone in the Warren and surrounding areas. You will get someone who is honest, fair, and trustworthy all the way through. Even after we closed on our home, she was right there to help ease our transition to the new area. Great job Lauren!

Jeff & Sherrie B. - 20 Briarwood Dr. East - Warren

Lauren was terrific.

From the very beginning, she worked tirelessly in helping us prepare our home for sale followed by planning and executing open houses. Her demeanor with potential buyers and us as sellers couldn't have been better. Then when we ultimately found our buyer she worked well in managing all communications and issues through preparing for and executing our contract for sale. As issues arose, she provided great insight and guidance on the best way through them, ultimately resulting in a transaction that was smooth, predictable, and fair for all parties. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND LAUREN ROTH!!

Jay P. - 21 Rockage Rd. - Warren

We can't begin to tell you how impressed we are with Lauren Roth's real estate abilities.

While other agents may "LIST" more houses than Lauren, Lauren provides boutique-like services for both the selling and buying parties. Nothing was a problem for Lauren. Even though we moved over a thousand miles away, Lauren made sure that everything in our house was perfect. We've bought and sold numerous properties but Lauren went above and beyond what was expected to make the sale and transfer of our property seamless. When we selected Lauren as our realtor we told her that we knew that she was going to be both the buyer's and seller realtor, and time proved that we were correct. Other realtors may provide inflated estimates of the value of your home, but Lauren did not, she gave us a realistic price. Sure we tried listing the house for the price that the other agents suggested, but that just wasted time. In the end we sold the house for EXACTLY what Lauren said it was worth. Thanks Lauren for doing an AWESOME job!

Theodore & Julie V. - 1 Stratford Ct. - Warren

Simply awesome is how I would describe my experience working with Lauren Roth!

Lauren worked with me to sell my home on Raspberry Trail, as well as purchase a new one. She is a real professional — knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. She is also honest, enthusiastic, friendly, and very responsive, making me feel as though I was her only client when obviously that was not the case. From the start Lauren had a clear vision of how to market my home and made her case based on market facts even when I had my doubts and my own different ideas. At a time in my life with a tremendous amount going on simultaneously, Lauren took the anxiety out of these two very important transactions handling all the communication and negotiation details. Knowing I was well represented by Lauren made it much easier for me to focus on other priorities. If you choose to work with Lauren you will not be disappointed; you will feel more at ease knowing that she is working on your behalf.

Daniella H. - 23 Raspberry Trail - Warren

Lauren Roth is without a doubt the best realtor we have ever worked with.

She is continuously one of the top realtors in the area – and with good reason. Honesty, integrity, and friendliness are only but some of the qualities that make Lauren exceptional at what she does. We spent many months working with Lauren to find the perfect home for us. During the process, her tireless efforts and willingness to dig into details bore out information which subsequently saved us from potential costly mistakes. If you are looking for the best in the area, whether you are selling or buying, look no further than Lauren Roth. You will not find another realtor as honest, available, knowledgeable and friendly as Lauren.

Jim & Lauri B. - 6 Stratford Ct. - Warren

Lauren was amazing in helping us find our new home.

We moved from Brooklyn and Lauren was kind enough to explain us the neighborhood, schools etc. she also was patient to help us understand our needs and specific desires. She was always on our side and helped us think through different scenarios. She also went above and beyond her responsibilities as an agent such as helping us with the warranties, inspections etc. she also gave us an awesome closing gift to really help us settle in our new home. Home buying is stressful but Lauren made it fun and seamless. Thanks Lauren.

Vivek & Payal M. - 22 Canterbury Ln. - Watchung

My Husband and I recently purchased our first home in Bedminster, New Jersey.

We had a wonderful experience with Lauren Roth. Lauren is a wonderful realtor. She took the time to talk to us, get to know us, and find out what we were looking for. It was incredibly refreshing to work with someone who understood us and knew what our expectations were from this experience. Buying a home is such a stressful process, and it is normal for the buyer to be nervous during this time and to have a lot of questions. We certainly had a lot of questions for Lauren, and she always had the utmost patience with us. If she did not have the answer on-hand, she made it a point to find out and get back to us regarding our concern. She was completely understanding in terms of our misgivings and did her best to put our minds at ease. Lauren Roth went above and beyond her duty as a realtor and helped us find the perfect home, which by the way, we are very happy with. I do not think that we would have purchased a house at this point in time if we had not been fortunate enough to come across her. We will most certainly be recommending her in the future, and the day we sell our home, she will be the first person we will call. Lauren is an asset to your agency, and she is the type of realtor that gives Weichert its good name.

Amy & Paul C. - 504 Timberbrook Dr. - Bedminster

My experience with Lauren Roth from the very beginning to the end was extremely pleasant and smooth and an overall successful relationship.

Lauren was able to successfully showcase our home utilizing marketing tools, an agent open house and perspective buyer open house that resulted in a contract just under asking price in 17 short days. Once the home inspection ended and repairs were needed, Lauren fully coordinated her list of top contractors to get repairs completed timely, professionally and under expected costs. The entire sale process was clearly the result of a finely tuned process that has been developed from a long and successful career. Additionally, I had Lauren help find us a home and if I wasn't already blown away by her sales skills, her persistence and tough negotiation tactics in a notorious cut throat North Jersey town was just masterful. Without Lauren I am positive we would not be in our new home, a huge tribute to her real estate acumen.

C. Fortucci - 5 Willow Way - Berkeley Heights

We just wanted to thank you for all of your help and guidance in selling our home.

In this challenging real estate environment, we were so appreciative of having you in our corner and helping us navigate through our journey to a successful transaction. For sure, in these times, it clearly took someone like you who has the breadth of experience and patience that helped us immeasurably. You always seemed to find the silver lining in situations and brought perspective at every turn. We also thank you for your 24/7 responsiveness and for all the help you provided in ensuring that no detail was missed in coordinating countless times with the township and attorneys.

Lori & Jay L. - 49 Geiger Lane - Warren

Lauren is a talented professional and effective sellers agent.

She expertly guided me through the entire sale process for my home in an increasingly complex and challenging market. She has a great network of contacts to help prepare and stage the home for marketing, makes recommendations based on direct experience and follows through herself whenever required. Too many realtors are little more than tour guides. Lauren is an engaged professional with focused experience in my local market. I sold my house when others didn’t and that saved me a great deal of money. Lauren was the difference.

D. deCavaignac - 5 Old Dutch Rd. - Warren

Lauren performed for us exceptionally.

We interviewed four realtors in our area and Lauren was the best pick. She was extremely helpful in preparing the house for sale. Once the house was listed she was tireless in showing it. When potential buyer was identified she brought huge expertise to manage the interaction. She committed tremendous energy to the negotiations. Helped us immensely and guided our thinking in the process leading finally to the successful sale. Can’t recommend her any higher. If we had another house for sale we would use her without hesitation.

Andrew K. - 4 Ledgewood Ct. - Warren

Lauren's professionalism and attention to detail was a winning combination to help sell our house.

She was very conscientious and called after each frequent open house and showings with feedback from clients and agents. Lauren was easily reachable to answer our questions and address any concerns. Her advice was always on target. I highly recommend using her services as an agent to sell your house.

Elise T. - 6 Crown Dr. - Warren

Lauren was the listing agent for a house we were interested in.

Not knowing any realtors in Warren, we asked Lauren to be a dual agent and represent us as well – this turned out to be the best decision we could’ve made. Lauren is one of the nicest, sweetest, most knowledgeable agents we’ve ever come across. She is focused, detail-oriented, proactive, very thorough, and always available. She helped us through the process, and though we hit some hurdles along the way, Lauren was with us every step of the way, and made the home buying process less stressful for us. She went out of her way to ensure that the relationship between us and the seller remained amicable, and as a result, the closing went thru without a hitch. She also has a great list of contacts for everyone from the home inspector to the movers that she shared with us which also helped immensely. Overall, she is a wonderful agent, and we were lucky to have run into her. We would highly recommend Lauren and thank her for all her help.

Ram & Vasuki - 6 Raspberry Trail - Warren

In a tough economy, experience and persistence mean more than ever.

Lauren exceeded our expectations!

Eric & Jocelyn F. - 9 Sycamore Way - Warren

Lauren knows the market well and was on top of each step of the process creating a very positive experience for us.

She gave honest and good advice, even when it was not what we wanted to hear. We were lucky to have her as our agent.

Michael & Maria S. - 63 Sycamore Way - Warren

We just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate how tirelessly you worked to sell our home at 52 Saw Mill Rd.

This home was one of our most challenging new homes to get sold in our 30 years of building. Successfully marketing this property required someone with vast knowledge of the market and the current buyer pool. A resourceful salesperson with the keen ability to think outside the box. You were obviously the right person to get a very difficult sale completed. It was a pleasure having the opportunity to work with you and your team. It is my hope that this transaction is the first of many. Thanks again.

Don R. - 52 Saw Mill Rd. - Warren

Lauren, I cannot thank you enough for your time, dedication and commitment; for once again going above and beyond what is typically done by any realtor to complete the successful listing and sale of my home.

Even though this was our third transaction together it was by far the most challenging and yet I can honestly say I was still surprised and impressed by your outstanding expertise, professionalism and communication throughout the entire process — from your thorough strategic analysis and development of the listing/marketing plan, attention to detail in the creation of all the promotional assets necessary to best showcase the property, making yourself available for numerous open houses and at every showing to highlight the homes features, answer realtor and potential buyers questions, and ensure there was no misapprehension of the true value of my home. Your actions always left me with the impression that this transaction was your highest priority even though I well knew that I was just one of many clients. In too many instances you gave of your own personal time and resources to resolve issues that arose with the township and in negotiations with the buyers. For that and more I will always be grateful and appreciative. You have raised the bar for other realtors in your market. I highly recommend you to anyone listing or buying a home and will always come back to you for any of my New Jersey real estate needs.

D. Harris - 30 Snoden Lane - Watchung

We also worked with Lauren on the purchase of our home.

Lauren worked very hard in showing us homes. When we finally decided to move forward with our purchase, Lauren was instrumental in finalizing this deal, as well. With difficulties on both sides our deals, Lauren was able to coordinate our buy and sell. In this very difficult real estate market, you need someone who is going to go the extra mile for you, and without hesitation, I recommend Lauren Roth as that person.

Staci C. - 17 Elmwood Dr. - Warren

Lauren was simply the best!

She is professional, knowledgeable, attentive and experienced. She worked diligently to sell our home from the first moment of staging right through closing. We highly recommend Lauren for your next real estate transaction!

Jan & John B. - 3 Lexington Dr. - Warren

Lauren Roth was outstanding!

That is what made our experience at Weichert so great. Excellent work!

Jeff S. - 6 Shawnee Ct. - Basking Ridge

6 Days.

That can seem like an eternity, or it can pass in the blink of an eye. For us, selling our house happened in the blink of an eye. Once we turned our listing over to Lauren, our house was under contract in 6 days. Partnering with Lauren is one of the smartest business decisions that we have made in a long time. Lauren not only knows the housing market, but she knows people. As anybody who has ever searched for a house, or has sold a house can tell you, the whole process from start to finish is incredibly emotional and stressful. However, every time that a bit of panic set in, or a moment of frustration, Lauren was there to not only solve the problem, but to soothe my nerves. She wore two hats during the selling of our home; she was the real estate agent who knew the ins and outs of the home sale, and she was also the therapist who would listen to my frustrations and set me back on course to where I needed to be. Lauren is the epitome of the word "professional" and there is nobody else who could have done all that she did. 6 days. That's all it took, and truly that is all that needs to be said. Lauren is absolutely the Best of the Best, and there is nobody like her. I wish every transaction and partnership was as successful as the one that we had with Lauren. Her reputation proceeds her, and it certainly has been well earned.

Melissa T. - 24 Whispering Way - Warren

I sold my house in NJ in May 2021.

I was out of state at the time of the closing. Lauren helped me tremendously with the inspection punch list such as getting the house clean, hiring a contractor to correct the Radon, getting inspection for the smoke alarm, carbon monoxide, and other sub-contractors to correct deficiencies. I would recommend her to anyone to sell their home.

Diamantino A. - 36 Johns Dr. - Warren

My wife and I had the pleasure of working with Lauren on our purchase of 30 Snoden ln in Watchung, NJ.

Lauren represented the seller but was highly influential in guiding the entire process. The purchase took a long time due to work that needed to be done and at many times it appeared that it would fall through. Lauren was extremely diligent throughout the time we worked with her, coordinating attorneys, contractors, communicating with our side and her client. Without Lauren, we wouldn't be in our new home. I highly recommend Lauren for anyone who is buying or selling a property!

Anthony C. - 30 Snoden Lane - Watchung

Lauren, Based on the condition of the property, I never thought that it would be sold before all the bank accounts were resolved but that’s what happened.

As I indicated to you when I signed the listing papers, one of the reasons that I chose you was your effort and research on the zoning and potential options even before you had the listing. This hard work continued up until closing and even your husband helped with the many mechanical issues that developed with the house. Due to my remote location, it was reassuring to know that we had someone checking on the property and considering our interests. I know that when you first saw the condition of the house, you probably wondered if anyone would even make an offer but you did it and with your knowledge, the estate realized a fair price and a relatively quick turnover of the property. Thanks for all you help and feel free to use me as a reference in the future.

Rick - 41 Roseland Ave. - Warren

I would like to express my gratitude for the experience I received from you as my Selling Realtor.

Professional, courteous, attention to detail, and most of all a pleasure to work with. I happen to be a Real Estate Broker/owner from Bergen County, with my busy schedule hiring you was a blessing. I sincerely recommend you as a person with integrity and will look forward to working with you in the future.

Denise B. - 10 Stoningham Dr. - Warren

The decision to sell our home of 14 years was a difficult and emotional one.

We chose Lauren as our realtor based on her impressive resume and reputation and she exceeded all of our expectations by far. Lauren is a true professional with a tremendous knowledge of the market. What sets Lauren apart from other realtors is the fact that she truly cares about her clients. She was patient, attentive and very responsive to all our questions. She truly made a difficult time in our lives much easier. Lauren also helped us find our new home. She understood our needs and worked hard to find the perfect home for us. We cannot recommend Lauren highly enough and thank her for all of her help through this process.

Lori & Alex V. - 10 Friar Tuck Ct. - Warren

We just wanted to say thank you for all your help throughout this whole process.

We are so excited to be official homeowners and we could not have done this without you. You truly are amazing at what you do and we will refer you to anyone we know moving to the areas you work in. Thank you again and again. We will surely stay in touch and will see you around town!

Laura G. - 4 Cherry Tree Lane - Warren

Lauren did an exceptional job handling the sale of my house.

She is very experienced, knowledgeable and resourceful. She went above and beyond for me and resolved the challenging issues that arose during the transaction. She sold my house in a tough market in a few months. She is the best agent I have ever worked with. I would highly recommend Lauren to anyone selling or buying their home in NJ.

Seller of 9 Lexington Dr. - Warren

Dear Lauren, Most people use the word DEAR as a salutation for general headings, but as I write this note the word means much more than that.

The selling of my house gives you a really dear five star rating. It was so dear of you to fight your way through the multitude of transactions with the town and the permits. It was dear of you to correct the plumbing inspector as to why he was there at all. You had very difficult clients but never said, "oh dear!" And you certainly were a dear to stand in for me at the closing when I was unable to attend. All's well that ends well and it surely did end well because you are a dear real estate agent so well respected by your clients and your peers. And finally, thank you, dear lady.

Georgia S. - 22 Rockage Rd. - Warren

Lauren Roth was extremely knowledgeable, professional and helped guide us through every detail in selling our home.

Lauren had an amazing team; incredible stager that made our home extremely marketable. She brought in a lighting specialist and someone to write our story and bring our home alive! We sold our home in under 3 months, with every detail being taken care of. Lauren is a full service, one woman show with a great team by her side. Every detail, from the showings, open house and closing were done with extreme care and profession. I would 100% recommend Lauren if you are looking for a real estate agent!

Dave & Margie B. - 13 Stoningham Dr. - Warren

Lauren Roth is the best of the best!

She sold our house in one month and even though she made it look effortless, there is so much behind-the-scenes that she takes care of to make her clients feel at ease. Lauren was always available and never made us feel like we were asking too many questions. She is incredibly professional, skilled, honest, thorough, attentive and has a huge network that made listing our house a breeze. We trusted her 100% and she delivered. If you’re looking for a realtor who is as results-oriented as she is easy-going, look no further. Thank you, Lauren for helping us sell our home - we will miss you!!!

S. Marcus - 8 Summerhill Dr. - Warren

Lauren has all of the qualities of the ideal real estate professional.

She is knowledgeable and experienced with respect to the market and the process of selling or buying a home; and she communicates this wisdom clearly and frankly at the very outset so as to eliminate to the greatest extent possible the potential for surprise and disappointment. Lauren lays out a strategy and action plan and she delivers on it with attention to detail and consummate professionalism. She is committed to her clients and their interests and focused on getting a deal done that is best for her clients above all other considerations or concerns. Lauren is accessible 24/7 and is extraordinarily responsive, as well as a great listener and genuinely caring person. We cannot thank her enough for her patience, care and commitment to representing our interests and effectively managing the process step-by-step.

Elyse & Michael H. - 15 Briarwood Dr. East - Warren
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